Thanking Our Generous Donors 2005-2006

Kilimanjaro: $25,000 and above

Born Free Foundation
Lynn Chase Wildlife Foundation
Disney Worldwide Services
East Bay Zoological Society (Oakland Zoo)
International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
National Geographic Society
Pumpkin Trust
Shifting Foundation
Synchronicity Foundation
US Fish and Wildlife Service

Kitirua: $10,000-24,999

Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund
Robert and Joan C. Donner
Fair Play Foundation
Rogers Family Foundation
Isabella Rossellini
Susannah Rouse
Paul and Jane Schosberg
Wallis Foundation
Stephen and Theresa Woo

Longinye: $5,000-9,999

Charles F. Colao
Nelson B. Delavan Foundation
Dorothy and Howard Fairweather
Lynn and Foster Friess
Judson C. and Joyce Green
Coco Hall
Mildred Hirsh Estate
Robert Larson
Bruce and Carolyn Ludwig
Madigan Family Foundation
Wilson and Eliot Nolen

Ol Tukai: $1,000-4,999

Doug Aja
Jane Beckwith
George Binney
Robert and Sandra Blanchard
Rosalee and Garrison Brinton
Alice Byers
Gary and Lee Carpenter-Long
Jean E. Carper
The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Glenn Ellis
Flora Feigenspan
Sarah and Robert Freedman
Polly J. Friess
Reginald H. Fullerton, Jr.
Lisa Gemmill
Eleanor M Gibson
Mrs. Jonathan B. Gifford
Michael and Ann Goldin
Robert Gould Foundation
Catherine Grellet
Andy and Leanne Hajducky
Alan and JoAnn Harley
Donna Harpster
Kathryn Heminway
Ruth S. Holmberg
Herrick Jackson
Mary Eliot Jackson
Debbie Kemp
Robert Larson
Phoebe and John D. Lewis
Sean and Deborah MacKenzie
Judy Mapes Metz
Frances and John Pepper
John B. and Mary Olin Pritzloff
Claire Proffitt
C.B. Ramsay Foundation
Judy Rasmuson
Joan Russo
Denise Scelzo
Martha Sherman
Melville Straus Charitable Trust
Sherry and Gabriel Spergel
Kathleen Sullivan
Gretchen Wyler
Stevie and Stephen Van C. Wilberding


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